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Trail Closure Update - Some trails open


SOME trails in the park are being re-opened today with others remaining closed.

The following trails remain CLOSED: • Trail 2 -Lower Buckle • Trail 3 -Upper Buckle • Trail 11 -Follow Me • Trail 16 -Buckle Down • Trail 18 -Humping Hound • Trail 6 -Hug

The following mountain bike trails are now OPEN with tape and signage being removed today by Parks Victoria: • Track 1-Lake Circuit Trail • Trail 4 -Middle • Trail 5 -Red Gum • Trail 7 -Lower Blair Witch • Trail 8 -Upper Blair Witch • Trail 9 -Granite Link • Trail 10 -State MTB Course • Trail 12 -Snipe • Trail 13 -Trailmix • Trail 14 -Jump Park/Pump Track • Trail 15 – Aneurysm • Trail 17 -Dog Pound Descent • Trail 19 -Skills Park

Walking tracks open: • Tramline walk • Granite garden walk

Clear signage and tape is on the closed trails as listed above. Do not ride on the closed trails for both your safety and the safety of Parks Victoria staff. This is shared through our social media, website and forum. No excuses for riding the trails which remain closed. We will provide clear updates once more trails are re-opened. Big thanks to Parks Victoria for working hard to clear the trail and those who have remained patient and not ridden the closed trails.

Cheers – Parks Victoria and LDTR.

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