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Trail Etiquette 

Before we ride, we need to acknowledge that the trails at Lysterfield are used by a lot of riders and we need to be able to share.

  • Lysterfield’s MTB trails are now one-way only, so we shouldn’t have to worry about riders coming from the other direction, but please keep a watchful eye out for riders, wildlife, and walkers.

  • If a rider catches up to you, there is a good chance they’re faster than you. Please be courteous and pull over to the side when it’s safe so they can get past. (Don’t panic! There is no need to jump of the track in a hurry!)·      


  • If you catch up to a rider, announce that you are there and ask them if you can get past when it’s safe. I know it’s a mouthful, but it’s nicer than just yelling “RIDER!” and less likely to panic a novice.

  • If you’re pulling over for a rest or a chat, try to do so in a clear area and pull your bike all the way off the track so other riders can get past. This applies on firetrails too. Blocking trails is a no-no


  • As well as other riders, we also have wildlife-a-plenty to look out for. If you see an animal on the track, slow down or stop to let them get out of the way and let any riders behind you know why you’re stopping so they don’t fly past. If you think an animal is injured, call the injured wildlife hotline on 03 8400 7300


  • Don’t make new lines around obstacles. Whether it is a puddle or a bumpy line, we don’t modify the trails. (there is a lot to consider when changing a trail, please leave it to the trail crew)


  • Never leave rubbish out on the trails. Wrappers, bottles, goo packs, masks etc. are frequently found on the trails. Don’t add to the problem, take your rubbish out with you every time.


  • Have a blast, keep grinning, and never get angry with a rider that doesn’t know trail etiquette 

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