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"What do I get as a member?"

Simply put, a passionate team of volunteers who advocate for a better mountain biking experience for everyone at Lysterfield Park. By investing in our community, we provide our members with the following value:

  1. Access to our awesome community!

  2. Discounted race entries

  3. Discounted MTB skills lessons

  4. Personal Accident Insurance [with LDTR + AusCycling membership]

  5. Retail discounts at over 20+ stores [LDTR + AusCycling Membership - click here for details]

  6. Volunteers to put on races and events [such as The Golden Goat and Friday Night Fun & Lazy Loops]

  7. Volunteers to organise social group rides

  8. Volunteers who passionately advocate for expanded trails, improvements to the existing trails, funding to support our events and advocating for MTB within local councils and tourism bodies.

  9. Volunteers who work in the planning and execution of trail building days with the landholders and local groups. 

  10. Upskilling of volunteers to increase the number of MTB skills instructors.

"How do I join?"


LDTR is affiliated with AusCycling (formally Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) and all memberships are processed through AusCycling.

During your membership application, simply select "Lysterfield District Trail Riders" as your club and you'll be included as a full financial member of our club.

Details of all membership options can be found on the AusCycling Membership page here:




Not sure if you want to join? AusCycling offer a free 4 week membership, this provides you the full benefits of a Race Membership during this time.

If you wish to take out this offer, simply go to the following link and enter your details:





An LDTR + AusCycling membership will provide you with Personal Accident Insurance. This type of membership is required to attend any LDTR event. 

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"Can I join LDTR as a non-riding member?"

We understand that you may not need an AusCycling membership, but may still want to support LDTR in other ways. One way you can do this is by becoming an

LDTR Supporter Member

This is membership option allows you to volunteer on trail building days but it does not include Personal Accident Insurance. 

LDTR Supporter cost $35

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