About the Lysterfield District Trail Riders

The Lysterfield District Trail Riders (LDTR) are a mountain bike club, managed by volunteers who also enjoy mountain biking. We are the sole volunteer group who look after all the mountain bike trails within Lysterfield Park.

Some of our roles/tasks include:
•    Maintaining and building mountain bike trails.
•    Organising mountain bike races.
•    Holding social ride days, epic rides and family/beginner social rides.
•    Supporting bike demo days.
•    Communicating with other stakeholders (for the park and the sport).
•    Being a voice for those who have an interest in our sport and the trails at Lysterfield Park.

Our club is always working hard to offer the best mountain biking and visitor experience at Lysterfield Park.

We take pride in the results of what our volunteers help create and could not be where we are today without those who have volunteered their time to improve mountain biking at Lysterfield Park.

If you would like to get involved with LDTR or donate to us or simply find out more about what we're currently up to, please go to:

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The Lysterfield District Trail Riders Committee 2020-2021 FY

LDTR was first formally formed around 2009 but had many unofficial volunteers/riders help create the trail network in the park to what it is today. The club now functions with through a group of very passionate volunteers who donate their time and effort into improving the club and trails within the park.
The committee meet once every three months for committee meetings, with a few committee members meeting before these to conduct meetings and discussions with Parks Victoria.
The  committee help create, operate and promote events within the park (Social Rides, Races, Trail Builds, Skills Sessions etc). The committee also advocate and liaise with the land manager, government and other stakeholders of the park.
The desire to see other's enjoy the park and the trails as much as we do is one of the many reasons why we are committed to promoting and improving the sport of mountain biking within Lysterfield Park.
Sandy D
Kristen T
Monthly Club Newsletter Coordinator
Shelley M
Events Coordinator
Craig L
Trail Build Coordinator
Malissa W
General Committee
Simon C
General Committee
Lian D
Vice President
Mark F 
Working  Bee Coordinator
Sherief W
Cale P
Trail Build Coordinator
Trent H
General Committee
Travis C
General Committee
Matt G
Ben R
Advocacy Manager
Praveen G
Trail Build Coordinator
Terry S
Social Media Coordinator
Nate T
General Committee
Julie W
General Committee
Darren B
David M 
Memberships & Database Coordinator
Bill D
Trail Build Coordinator
Dale W
General Committee
Joel M
General Committee
Jim G
General Committee

About Lysterfield Park

Lysterfield Park is located approximately 30 kilometres south-east of Melbourne (just under an hour's drive).
Lysterfield Park Mountain Bike Trails and the State Mountain Bike course offers over 20 kilometres of trails catering for riders of all ages and ability.
Choose from easy family trails for all to enjoy around the lake and parkland, a range of flowing single trails through established plantations or steep and technical sections of trail through rocky landscapes (Parks Vic 2016).

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