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Welcome to the gateway of mountain biking in Victoria.

Our mission

Lysterfield District Trail Rider's mission is to provide anyone interested in riding bikes an opportunity to access the Lysterfield Park trails. We do this by holding group social rides for all skills levels; skills lessons to develop confidence; events to encourage participation and build community; trail building days to maintain and future proof the trails for riders; and advocating to land owners to invest in the trail network to secure the longevity of them for future generations. 

Why we exist

People are the greatest asset of our club. We commit as a volunteer not-for-profit entity to support, connect and respect everyone who has a stake in mountain bike riding at Lysterfield Park - the riders, business suppliers and sponsors, land owners, governing bodies, councils, special interest groups, communities, and volunteers.

We also work to protect the integrity of the trails and future-proof them by advocating to land owners and governing councils to invest in recurrent funding for land owners in partnership with LDTR, to maintain what we have and build for the future. 


Want to find out more about how you can support our club and help us see the vision come true?

Well, we really love bike riding, and especially on the dirt trails at Lysterfield Park. And while we love epic adventures to other bike parks in regional Victoria and beyond, there is something satisfying about hitting trails as close as 40kms from the Melbourne CBD. 

The other thing we love about our trails is that you can ride them at any skill level and have a good time. With a 279 meter elevation, you can get your heart rate up on the climbs, but also manage to do a full loop starting from and ending at the carpark. No need for shuttles! People often tell us about how they started their mountain biking journey at Lysterfield Park and then went on to try more technical and gravity focused trails elsewhere after building their confidence.  Now that's a bonus for all involved in biking in Australia!

Riding bikes is fun [we don't need to tell you that!] but it can be more fun when you have friendly, inviting people to ride with.

Looking at our group events, you'll see that we give riders a wide variety to choose from. Currently we have focused group rides for kids, families, women, and then general social rides. 

Racing is a big part of cycling, but we understand not everyone wants to do serious races. We have our Friday Night Fun and Lazy Loops Series for those who want to experience a race with a relaxed and fun vibe. 

If you do love to race with a more competitive edge, we've also got you covered! The Golden Goat annual fundraising endurance race is for you! It's a three or six hour long endurance race that can be done as a configuration of individual, couples or groups. 

As the vision for our club is to get more people riding bikes, we had a look at what we offered and recognised we still have work to do in the inclusion and diversity area. One group affected is riders using adaptive mountain bikes. Getting to the start of the mountain bike trails from the carpark with an adaptive bike is a challenge due to the style of gates and bollards used at the park. We're working with leaders in the field for Inclusion & Diversity in Sport to help us be a more inclusive club and really see more people out riding all types of bikes. 

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