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Golden Goat Challenge Course Drainage and Maintenance Build Summary

An amazing effort by our volunteer trail builders yesterday. 7 volunteers worked on the Golden Goat Course Trails from 8:30am to 3pm, contributing over 45 hours (excluding admin work).

Through rain and sun, lots of mud and plenty of sweat; the four head trail builders, Jim, Lachie and Nate put in a solid amount of work and covered a lot of ground to help create trails that everyone can enjoy on the race next weekend.

Unfortunately, not every section of the course could be reached with the limited numbers of volunteers... however, we were able to:

Photo Album: CLICK HERE

🚵Drainage was completed along all of Redgum, most of Middle, some of the State MTB Course Track, some of Aneurysm. Some of these drains were needing quite a lot of attention and were severely blocked up.

[Photo: Before (left), After (right)]

🚵Improve drainage on three off-camber/down slope berms on the new/top section of Redgum trail.

🚵Reshaping the lip of the third last table-top on Aneurysm to remove an eroded ride line causing a puddle on the lip.

🚵Reshaping and improving drainage on the berm after the third-last table top of Aneurysm.

🚵Reshaping the left hand berm on Middle trail after the hip jump.

🚵Creating and clearing an S bend drain on the S berms in the middle of Middle Trail.

🚵Creating reverse grade drainage on the small jump before the berms before Donnelans Track to guide water away from the berms and through the pipe.

🚵Rebuilding the end of the berm just before Donnelans Track where a rock was starting to protrude at the end on to a tree due to erosion at the end.

[Photo: Before (left), After (right)]

We're hoping the weather stays perfect for the race so that the trails are hero dirt and everyone can enjoy the efforts of our hard working volunteers from yesterday.

Register for the Golden Goat Challenge here:

Photos thanks to Praveen and Nate.

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