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Come help get the trails tidy ready for spring, no experience is necessary, young people are welcome with a parent or guardian

To Register: https://www.parkconnect.vic.gov.au/Volunteer/public-planned-activity/?id=e6abe7e5-049f-ed11-9ac4-501ac5cade35

<![CDATA[Trail Build Day]]>https://www.lysterfieldmtb.com/post/trail-build-day63da56a7080862e1c77f7771Wed, 01 Feb 2023 12:10:54 GMTCassie Dowding

Come help us get the trails back into shape.

To register: https://www.parkconnect.vic.gov.au/Volunteer/public-planned-activity/?id=229c9a56-099b-ed11-9ac4-501ac5cade35

<![CDATA[LDTR - Lysty Chicks head to Lake MT]]>https://www.lysterfieldmtb.com/post/ldtr-lysty-chicks-head-to-lake-mt63da55b6004def5ca65c7e62Wed, 01 Feb 2023 12:08:50 GMTCassie Dowding

LDTR Lysty Chicks Lake Mountain Adventure, Sunday 5th February

This ride is for intermediate and intermediate-advanced riders, who are capable of most terrains. (Intermediate is based on ability, technical skill, and endurance)

This event is made possible by our dedicated volunteer ride leaders and Change our Game to promote women's participation in sport.

<![CDATA[Trail Status Update]]>https://www.lysterfieldmtb.com/post/trail-status-update63ba744d466d16ef1af14c0eSun, 08 Jan 2023 07:44:37 GMTCassie Dowding]]><![CDATA[LDTR Lysty Chicks January Ride]]>https://www.lysterfieldmtb.com/post/ldtr-lysty-chicks-january-ride63ab7020f8de1b1829e1c293Tue, 27 Dec 2022 22:23:56 GMTCassie DowdingWhat are you doing Sunday 29th of January? wanna come ride bikes?


<![CDATA[21st January Trail Maintenace ]]>https://www.lysterfieldmtb.com/post/21st-january-trail-maintenace63ab688ade45e8d647a80086Tue, 27 Dec 2022 21:52:34 GMTCassie DowdingCome join us and help keep Lysterfield in top shape. Registration

to come.

<![CDATA[Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year]]>https://www.lysterfieldmtb.com/post/merry-christmas-and-a-happy-new-year63ab67988a7710e12fc693a0Tue, 27 Dec 2022 21:48:32 GMTCassie DowdingHave a great and safe holiday, if you're riding bikes, take care out there.

<![CDATA[Friday Night Cruise]]>https://www.lysterfieldmtb.com/post/friday-night-cruise6399b9d368775f905d5b104eWed, 14 Dec 2022 11:57:09 GMTCassie DowdingOur Lysty Chicks Friday Night Cruise is on this coming Friday Night, this is a laid-back cruisy ride, it's best that you can ride at least 10-20km, we tend to play and have fun on this ride. (it's not about the Strava KMS)

Everyone is welcome to join us on this ride (not just for the chicks) we'll be hitting the fire trails.

Thanks to ride leaders Yvette Diamond and Sarah Jade for making this ride possible during the year.

<![CDATA[Ride with Us Day]]>https://www.lysterfieldmtb.com/post/ride-with-us-day637caace8394712366bc3235Tue, 22 Nov 2022 10:56:53 GMTSandy

Come join us on the trails, Saturday the 3rd of December with Break the Boundary Inc. & LDTR MTB for an all-inclusive ride for everyone.

Who is this ride for? EVERYONE

What level rider do you need to be? doesn't matter, we'll have a range of levels, and we can help find the perfect group for you.

Please register to attend:


We'll start with a meet and greet, then hit the trails, we'll then meet up for refreshments after the ride back at the information building (former Trail Mix Building)

***If the MTB single trails are closed we will still ride, we'll check out the Fire Trails because bikes can still be fun!***

<![CDATA[Talking Gear #2 – Hydration Packs]]>https://www.lysterfieldmtb.com/post/talking-gear-2-hydration-packs634e30a141ee4e66323c4043Mon, 31 Oct 2022 20:00:03 GMTDaleWith the sunny season coming upon us, it’s worth thinking about what to pack for yourself on a longer ride or race, and how to do it. There’s a few things to consider and a couple of trade-offs to make depending on how you want to look at things.

Hydration is possibly the most important thing to consider on a longer ride. At best, your performance will be tied to good hydration. At worst, you could potentially do yourself damage by not drinking enough. How much you carry and how you carry it will depend on personal preference and how much you tend to need on a ride. I tend to err on the side of caution and carry more than I’ll need, but some are happy to run closer to the line.

Cheaper hydration packs

Under $100

These are an entry point to hydration packs while they’ll carry water and gear, they wont last for years like the better ones. There’s going to be a variety of sizes and shapes, but as a whole they’ll be on the smaller side with a cheaper bladder and bite valve, less comfortable straps, no air flow for your back, and no anti movement straps. They’re a good place to start though if you’re not committed to the sport yet but looking to venture out for longer rides. Usually places like anaconda and decathlon will have a variety of budget packs to look at.

Mid range hydration packs


These are a step up in quality and will normally give you years of service if they’re looked after well enough. They’ll come in almost any size you could want, most will have back airflow features and anti movement straps, as well as the nicer bite valves and anti bacterial bladders. There will usually also be spare parts available for wear and tear items like bite valves and bladders to make it easier to keep the packs for longer. They’re generally a sound investment and are definitely worth the upgrade from a cheaper pack once you’re riding frequently.

High end Hydration packs


These are the all singing, all dancing best-of-the-best packs. They don’t necessarily hold more water or gear, but they’ll generally do it more comfortably and have all the bells and whistles. They might not be worth the expense for some people, but the comfort and extra features might sway you so they’re worth looking at while shopping. On top of the mid range features, you might expect to see magnetic valve holders, bladder insulation, excellent anti-movement straps or even different methods of strapping or weight distribution.


The old bottle might have limited storage capacity, but its much lighter and can be stored on the frame where the weight will have less of an impact. Weighing less appeals to some but they may struggle to fit some dual suspension frames and leave you with less options for other storage. Bottles are a relatively simple buy, some are a bit nicer than others though. A basic bottle wont set you back too much and usually do exactly what they’re meant to. You can get bottles with squeeze valves, insulation, dust/mud caps if you want something a bit fancier.

Nutrition/first aid/repair gear

Another thing to consider when choosing a pack is the volume of extra storage depending on what you want to do. We’ll delve into this another time in more depth, but its something to think about. More storage space means you can take more stuff, but also the pack gets bulkier and heavier as a trade off. If you prefer a small pack or bottle, you can always tape or strap things to your frame so there is more than one solution.

<![CDATA[Talking Gear #1 - Helmets ]]>https://www.lysterfieldmtb.com/post/talking-gear-1-helmets634e2d485224d45d833d074aTue, 18 Oct 2022 04:46:39 GMTDaleI've had a few parents and kids ask questions about various bits of gear, so I thought I'd start going through some of this stuff here. There's always going to be various points of view to everything, so take this with a grain of salt, I'm just sharing some of what I've learnt over the last decade and a bit...

"Do I need a Fullface Helmet”

You see that enduro rider out there kitted up in a RAD looking fullface, and start wondering if that’s something you should have. You’d get one just to find out, but damn, they’re expensive!

Short answer – ride in what makes you feel comfortable, and its usually money well spent when you’re talking about protecting your head (I’ve got a helmet that probably saved my life).

Long answer – there’s a few distinct helmet options out there, and a lot of brands doing them, and they’re all a good option depending on what you want out of a helmet. I’ll run through the main types and what benefit each has, it’ll probably make decisions harder to make but at least they’ll be slightly more informed decisions.

Cross Country

Generally very light with great ventilation, covering the bare minimum of head area

Provided they have the Australian standards sticker on it, they meet all protection standards and will generally hold up to most direct impacts. They’re designed for where keeping cool is important due to heavy pedalling, and less protection is needed due to generally less technical trails.


A little heavier duty than a cross country helmet

Less ventilation, and starts covering more of your head going down to the base of your skull at the back and sometimes even over your ears. These still feel reasonably cool and do provide a bit more protection than an XC helmet due to extra coverage. The extra weight and loss of a few vents doesn’t bother most people, but its always a personal preference thing.

Fullface with removable chinbar

Fairly similar in build to a Trail helmet with the addition of a removable chinbar

The additional removable chinbar allows conversion to a fullface. These are a great option for versatility, providing more protection and confidence while being able to take off the chinbar for less gnarly riding. They’ll usually be fairly expensive though, and if you have aspirations to race in gravity enduro or downhill events, you may get knocked back if the chinbar is removable.

Fullface enduro

Have an always on chinbar

Permanent chinbar and usually cover more of your head than a detachable chinbar helmet does. They are stronger, bulkier and heavier, with stronger chinbars, but have excellent ventilation still and use lightweight materials to keep them as comfortable for all day riding as possible. They lose some of the versatility of a removable chinbar, but gain extra protection as a result.

Fullface Downhill

Prioritise protection at the expense of ventilation and weight

They’re still bicycle helmets so they’re not excessively heavy, but you’ll definitely feel the difference if you try to pedal around much in one. They’re designed for belting down a hill and not much else, protection is without comparison.

<![CDATA[MTB Trails Closed]]>https://www.lysterfieldmtb.com/post/mtb-trails-closed634895715a2bf60a38051653Thu, 13 Oct 2022 22:47:33 GMTLDTR

We all know the trails are going to be pretty wet this coming week (and some have been for a while!).

For the protection of the trails Parks Victoria Ranges have made the sensible call to close the MTB trails.

We expect this will be for a short time, so keep checking back.

For those who are still keen to get out and ride, there's always plenty of Fire trails to check out.

<![CDATA[Halloween Family Social Ride]]>https://www.lysterfieldmtb.com/post/halloween-family-social-ride63489469e4ab0e62ffa6cd31Thu, 13 Oct 2022 22:45:03 GMTLDTR

Who is up for some Halloween fun?? We are!!!! With the days getting longer lets hit the trails and find the spooks in the forrest!

We will have two loops running, a short track that leads off from the Race Village and returns to the race village, and for the adventurous speed freaks how does laps of Anurysum sound?

Dress yourself up, dress your bike up, and keep an eye out for the goulies carrying sugary goodnees!

Family Friendly event, Mums and Dads ride with your kids. Big kids welcome to join in on the fun.

Rego here: https://ldtr-mtb.tidyhq.com/.../46917-halloween-family...

Cost: FREE but you must register (all paricipants)

All riders must have Aus Cycling insurance: https://www.auscycling.org.au/membership

Free 4 week trail is available: https://www.auscycling.org.au/membership/other/free-trial

What you will need:

- A mountain bike in good working order

- An Australian safety standards approved helmet

- Water, snacks, spare tube

Schedule: 6:00 pm Meet and greet, get a run down of the loops 6:30 pm Ride, laugh and catch ghosts 7:30 pm Return to Race Village, sweeps clear the course 8:00 pm Take your shredder home See less

<![CDATA[Friday Fun + Lazy Loops Feb 18th Results and Photos]]>https://www.lysterfieldmtb.com/post/friday-fun-lazy-loops-feb-18th-results-and-photos621447605ffb487238154a23Tue, 22 Feb 2022 02:27:48 GMTCassie Dowding

Over 70 riders turned up and raced at our casual MTB timed loops race on last Friday night. There was a slight mishap in the timings, so apologies from our timing Marshall but these may not be a true reflection of the night eek!

There is a timing/result that we can't allocate to anyone so let us know if your name isn't on there.

Thank you to everyone for your patience with waiting for the results. It takes a lot of time and effort behind the scenes from our volunteers, but we want the night to be as fun and enjoyable as possible.

If you have suggestions on how we can make these race events better to the riders needs, send us an email to administration@lystefieldmtb.com

The next race is planned for Friday March 4th. This event is actually flagged at the moment for being cancelled as we don't have enough volunteers to run the event. If you feel that you can help with marshalling [standing on the spot and making sure that riders take the right route], timing, setup and backup, please send an email again to administration@lysterfieldmtb.com

Some photos from the night can be found here:


Results here:

<![CDATA[Trail Maintenance Crew February Report]]>https://www.lysterfieldmtb.com/post/trail-maintenance-crew-february-report620c62cf843f8f059abd74f9Wed, 16 Feb 2022 02:55:03 GMTCassie Dowding

Our first trail maintenance day for the year was held 12.2.22.

We had 12 volunteers come along to reshape the jumps and berms in the skills park.

Huge shout out to our TMC coordinator Mark Fleming and the following volunteers:












"Such a great bunch of people from all walks of life including a father and daughter team and two father son teams all pitching in to get the job done. Even the Golden Goat paid us a visit and got his hooves dirty.

We shifted, spread and compacted a full truck load of crushed rock supplied by Parks Victoria. We built up the little roller jumps on the green line, reshaped the lips of the jumps, cut out and filled in the braking bumps and built the berms back up on the blue line, and gave some love to the step up and doubles jumps on the black line.

The place is looking SWEEET but if you can, please let it rest for the weekend to give it a chance of surviving through Autumn.

Everyone who attended went away with a smile on their face and a LDTR drink bottle in hand, but most importantly a bucket load of trail karma. Thanks heaps team!"- Mark Fleming

The next trail maintenance day will be Sunday 20th March [that's the weekend after the Labour Day long weekend]. Hope we can see a few new and returning faces. Links to sign up for this day will be posted on our socials and on the events page soon.

Our next trail maintenance day will be sponsored by boutique brewery the Project Brewery Co. in Rowville. Braden and the crew at Project Brewing Co. have kindly donated a token for the first 20 people who sign up and attend the day. Each token is to the value of $18 and will entitle you to a Sample Paddle board. Check out all the Project Brewing Co. offer here [they are made keen MTB'ers and even have their own MTB merch at the brewery .... *take our money*!]

<![CDATA[Trail Closures Update for 12th February]]>https://www.lysterfieldmtb.com/post/trail-closures-update-for-12th-february6205dbc93d5c925a0b752246Fri, 11 Feb 2022 03:48:16 GMTCassie Dowding

Please be aware that some trails will be closed this weekend at Lysterfield Park due to our Trail Build Team and Trail Maintenance Crew out and about.

‍♀️'Lil Shawty

Upper Buckle

CLOSED Saturday 12th Feb - Monday 14th Feb.

REOPENS Tues 15th Feb

Work proposed: Maintenance and armouring both trails

See graphic #2 for a map of these trails in the Lysterfield trail network and a detour route for you to find your way back to the single trail.

‍♀️Skills Park

CLOSED Saturday 12th Feb

Work proposed: filling in pot holes, reshaping features, general maintenance.

If you've been wondering what is happening with the plan to reopen Aneurysm and Lower Buckle... here's what we know:

1️⃣ Assessments by Parks Victoria are in progress and we are waiting for their official update.

We are hoping to see some work done on this trail soon and wish we had details confirmed for you, but this is out of our hands as we all wait for the boxes to be ticked.

Thank you to everyone who has respected the trail closures so far. Please continue to respect trail closures this weekend - especially as our volunteers will be out with machinery and everyone's safety is our number one priority.


<![CDATA[Dirt Day Out - Lysterfield Park ]]>https://www.lysterfieldmtb.com/post/dirt-day-out-lysterfield-park6205da343e7780d2e44d53baFri, 11 Feb 2022 03:42:44 GMTCassie DowdingSAVE THE DATE - Join the Lysty Chicks as they get together with the girls from Red Hill Riders and Yarra Ranges Mountain Bike Club to explore awesome MTB parks.

Lysty Program:

1. 8am Intermediate Skills Session

2. 9am Beginner Skills Session

3. 10.30am Group Ride Adventure

ride out with friends and complete as many tasks* as possible *Photos! or it didn't happen

4. 1pm Lunch, meet up at Montague cafe @ the LDTR tent

After Lunch

Maintenance Time:

Can you change a tyre, need some advise about your suspension set up? Want to know how to bleed your brakes? Let the team show you how to do it!

Sign up registration coming soon. Keep an eye on our socials for details!

Click here to join the Lysty Chicks Private Facebook Group

Check out Yarra Ranges Mountain Bike Club here

Check out Red Hill Riders here

<![CDATA[Friday Fun + Lazy Loops Results 4/2/22]]>https://www.lysterfieldmtb.com/post/friday-fun-lazy-loops-results-4-2-226205dcb678847497735c92bcFri, 04 Feb 2022 03:49:41 GMTLDTRThank you to everyone who came along to our February FFLL! You are all amazing for rocking up and having a go!

See you at the next one.


<![CDATA[The Golden Goat 2022]]>https://www.lysterfieldmtb.com/post/the-golden-goat-20226205df9943a44e8d1d1e3091Mon, 31 Jan 2022 13:00:00 GMTLDTRLysterfield MTB is excited to announce the return of the annual Golden Goat endurance race for 2022 on May 1st, 2022.

Our annual fundraising event has been running for quite a few years now and is named after Griff the Goat - a wild goat who used to live at the park and was notorious for challenges the kangaroos!

Here's what you need to know: - A 3hr or 6hr endurance race at Lyserfield MTB Park, Vic - The aim is to do as many laps as possible in your chosen time format - You can race as either solo or a team (2-3 riders) - Juniors, E-bike and Single Speed categories in the 3hr format - Course TBA

Entries will open early March so keep an eye out on our socials for the link to register or sign up for our newsletter so you'll be first to know when we drop all the details.

It's time to get training!


<![CDATA[Highlights of 2021]]>https://www.lysterfieldmtb.com/post/highlights-of-202161d05247ad908d00165c797eSat, 01 Jan 2022 13:21:40 GMTCassie Dowding

Thank you to all of our members for the support this year; to the businesses who sponsored events; to the volunteers who shovelled rock and cleared drains to fix trails; to the committee who gave their time to make things happen behind the scenes; to the parents who came along with their kids to our socials rides; to the people who donated funds and for all the other rad people who love bikes as much as we do and came along to our events!

Although 2021 was another challenging year with lots of trail closures and frustrations, the good 'ol saying that "you biggest struggles bring your greatest growth" was true for us!

Here are some highlights of what LDTR achieved with everyone's help this year:

  1. 200 riders at the Golden Goat 2021, with one bike donated for the raffle prize by Life of Bikes, Pakenham.
  2. We completed our Child Safe Policy
  3. We nominated a Member Information Protection Officer and implemented a complaints procedure.
  4. Parks Victoria Lysterfield depot employed a full time MTB ranger - Markus Feldgen
  5. 6 women cam onboard the LDTR committee.
  6. 6 Friday Fun and Lazy Loops events hosted.
  7. GAS as Gisborne trails.
  8. Started a petition to get funding for Lysty trails which saw 3000+ people sign!
  9. Donated x1 bike to World Bicycle Relief.
  10. Hosted a Christmas raffle which raised $1300 for the club.
  11. Over $2000 in donations for our trail fund this year.
  12. 20 trees were cleared from the trail network by LDTR committee, Travis, Ben & Praveen on 21st June.
  13. 11 ride leaders qualified for MTBA L0.
  14. 1 committee member qualified for PMBI Level 1.
  15. LDTR worked closely with YRMTB to develop stronger connections between both clubs.
  16. Relationship strengthened with AusCycling. Shout out to Agostino & Nick Hammond for their strategic advice.
  17. Trail Adoption Sponsorship process commenced.

We're pumped for 2022 and the exciting opportunities it will bring to help people get out on their bikes at Lysterield MTB Park.