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Events at Lysterfield with LDTR

The Lysterfield District Trail Riders (LDTR) regularly hold mountain biking events at Lysterfield Park. All of these events are available to be attended by both club members and also non-club members. Below are a list of events which LDTR currently run. Underneath each event is a short description and dates on when they will occur in the future.

Trail Building

LDTR are the only sole volunteer trail building and maintenance group for Lysterfield Park. We take pride in the progress we have made recently and are always happy to have new and more people attend our trail builds. These builds are run usually once a month.

Future Trail Build Dates (may change): CLICK HERE
More information on Trail Build Days: CLICK HERE


Friday Fun and Lazy Loops Races (Very social and fun races on Friday nights)

Friday Fun and Lazy Loops (FFLL) is a low key, social mountain bike race. The race is a great way for anyone to try out mountain bike racing at Lysterfield. There is usually three or four different loops for all skill levels and ages to compete in. These include the Full Loop (6km), Short Loop (4km), Kids Loop (2km) and the ‘Little Kiddies’ Loop (50metres).  MTBA membership or a day licence is required to race in these races. A $5 (LDTR Member) or $10 (non-LDTR member) fee is also required to enter. Random prizes and raffle prizes are awarded on the night usually also. BBQ and Coffee is also normally provided each race.
More information on racing: CLICK HERE



Women Only Social Rides

Join us for a relaxed social ride on Lysterfield's beautiful mountain bike trails, amongst forest covered hills and countless kangaroos.  We ride in 2 groups, so regardless of your ability and fitness, this is the ride for you.  You'll meet like-minded women (18+), your kids will think you're cool, your co-workers will marvel at your weekend plans and best of all you'll have fun.
Are you new to the sport? Wanting to get back into it after a few years away?  Guys, are you looking to get your partner into mountain biking?  The BEGINNERS group may be right for you, whether you’ve never ridden a mountain bike before, or you’re hooked on wide dirt trails but don’t have the confidence to consistently ride narrower trails with roots and tighter corners. You’ll gain the confidence and strength to take your mountain biking to the next level.
Are you loving Lysterfield’s blue rated singletrack but are itching for a social adventure? Sign up with the INTERMEDIATE group.  


This is suitable for riders comfortable on a variety of singletrack which might include mud, loose rocks, narrow trails tightly lined with trees and small obstacles.  There will be some hills to go up, so bring your gears and a moderate level of fitness to handle approximately 400m of climbing.  Our rides are fun and non-competitive while providing an opportunity for you try new challenges, obstacles, and trails to help you grow as a mountain biker.

MORE on Women's Only Social Rides: CLICK HERE












Family Social Rides

Our family social rides usually occur once a month and are a great way for beginners, families, parents and kids to have a fun, easy and relaxed ride around the park. These rides are “no-drop” rides, where we will wait for everyone on the day to regroup. This event is completely free and is welcome to everyone to take part in.
The ride is approximately 1 hour, at an easy and slow pace.
A BBQ is usually offered for free at the end of the ride.

More on organised rides around Lysterfield: CLICK HERE


Monthly Social Rides

Our monthly social rides can be run by anyone who is an LDTR Club member, however, most of these have been run by the committee in the past. These rides are usually between 20km and 35km in length and are normally a day trip. They are a great way of meeting other experienced riders who are looking to ride somewhere different to Lysterfield. Places that we have visited in the past include Forrest, You Yangs, Woodend, Smiths Gully, Dry Diggings, Buxton and the Yarra Trails.

These rides are available for both club members and non-club members to join and are a “no-drop” ride.
More on organised rides and meetups: CLICK HERE






Tuesday Night Rides

LDTR Tuesday night rides are a weekly ride which occur at Lysterfield usually each week. These rides are not lead by anyone and is just a group of like minded riders, wanting to add a social aspect to their week night ride. The ride relies solely on riders communicating through our club forum. If nobody posts up that they are riding on the Tuesday, it is assumed no one is riding. The officialy starts at 6pm from just inside the main gates of Horswood Car Park, but some of the regulars who are early birds sometime start a little earlier. Lights are needed during winter. The ride is approx. 20km and around 1.5hours ride time.

Tuesday Night Forum Thread: CLICK HERE
More on organised rides and meetups: CLICK HERE


Epic Rides

Epic rides are just that, Epic. These rides can be day trips or weekend trips. They’re for the experienced riders who like to ride fast and who are capable of longer distance rides/fast paced rides. These are open to non-club members and club members.
Keep an eye out on the forum for our next Epic Ride!

More on organised rides: CLICK HERE

Bike Demo Days

LDTR are happy to work with bike distributors, manufacturers and shops to offer demo days at Lysterfield.
In the past couple of years we have worked with Specialized Bicycles Australia, Bicycle Superstore (Giant Bikes & Scott Bikes). We are open and happy to work with any brand. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in working with LDTR.