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Junior Program

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LDTR is super psyched to have started a juniors program and it’s taken off like a rocket! 

Keep up to date with everything we’re doing by following our Facebook group


If you think you could help us out by being a ride leader or ride sweep, or help out in any capacity, please get in touch with us at

Get involved!

All ages welcome. Under 10 must be accompanied by adult. Ride length approx 1.5hrs followed by BBQ

Come and learn how to do your own basic bike maintenance. 

Beginner and Intermediate Group Skills sessions run by experienced Skills Instructors

Junior focused trail building education session held by one of our trail builders. 

Yearly XC event

Schools racing event

Juniors category in Friday Fun & Lazy Loops series

Yearly Kids mini enduro

Private Facebook Group for parents of Juniors to stay up to date with events and Trailblazer news

Monthly Social Rides

Once a month, LDTR will be running a weekend juniors ride, usually with a BBQ afterwards. The rides normally go for about 1.5hr and we run multiple groups to cater for all skill levels and allow for some progression. All ages are welcome, but kids under 10 must be accompanied by an adult. Bikes must be in good working order and helmets meeting aus standards must be worn.

Social rides will usually run on the last weekend of each month, and will be announced on the LTB facebook page. We’ll do our best to run as many groups as possible, but we’re heavily dependant on volunteer leaders for this so we may not always be able to run all groups.

Keep an eye on the facebook group for announcements HERE


Joeys (Beginners)

Leisurely ride around the lake, mostly on fire trail but does include some easy singletrack. Has a couple of short climbs and some obstacles that can be ridden around. Roughly 6km of riding with a few stops along the way to chat and allow people to catch up

Blazers (Intermediate)

A quiet pace around and predominately singletrack loop, all green and blue trails. Has some harder obstacles and more taxing climbs, but nothing too scary. Roughly 9km long with a few stops along the way for a chat and for slower riders to catch up

Speedies (XC riders)

A more spirited ride around the park, taking in all of the intermediate loop but also straying off to play on some of the comm games track. This includes some tough climbing, harder obstacles and a section of black trail so we ask that only competent riders that are comfortable on the comm games trail sign up. Roughly 12km of riding with a few stops to chat.

Shredders (Gravity riders)

We make a beeline for Aneurysm (a “light black” rated trail), and cut laps up and down until its time to ride back. This is a super fun ride, but should only be tackled by kids that are familiar with aneurysm as it does have the potential to bite!

Skills Sessions

LDTR has a number of qualified instructors available to teach basic and intermediate skills for a small fee. Because of child safety rules we aren’t able to run private sessions for junior riders, but we are able to run group sessions so head on over to our skills page or email us at


We’ll announce any group sessions on the LTB facebook page, so keep an eye out there.

Junior Racing

We are trying to keep the racing live and interesting all year round for our kids group with a range of races to hopefully suit most young riders.

  • Yearly premium XC event for kids that want to mix it with the big guns

  • Schools racing for the competitive kids (at lysterfield and other venues)

  • Grass roots “lazy loops” racing series a few times a year

  • Kids only mini enduro once or twice a year


All juniors racing will also be announced on the LTB facebook page, kids with a competitive edge should keep an eye on it HERE

Maintenance Sessions

At our basic bike maintenance sessions, we’ll be looking to cover some of the things that will help keep your bike out of the shop and on the trails for longer. We’ll cover stuff like cleaning, changing tyres, chain care, basic brake care, and possibly more advanced stuff depending on the group.


For these sessions you will need to bring your bike, and any tools you’d like to learn how to use. We’ll also have a bike to practice on and tools to use so you’re not removing tyres and tubes etc. from your own bike.

Again, all sessions will be announced on the LTB facebook group 

Trail Building

A couple of our dedicated trail crew have offered to show kids through what’s involved in trail building. Trail building is a super rewarding experience that introduces you to just how much effort is involved in keeping the trails running with all the traffic we get at the park, and gives you a sense of pride and ownership of the trails.

Trail building can be hard work, so be prepared to swing a shovel and build up a sweat. Sturdy shoes and some hydration is a must, and there will usually be a BBQ and soft drinks provided at lunch time.


All juniors that attend a trail build will get a pressie of some kind (water bottle / keychain / t-shirt etc.)

Keep an eye on the LTB facebook group for juniors build sessions HERE


Trailblazers merch is available now in the shop!

We’ll have stickers and cards and keychains and magnets at our events for kids to grab for free as well, don’t be shy to take a couple 

Trail Etiquette

Take a look at our trail etiquette page for more info.


We can’t possibly run these rides without the help of an awesome crew of parents and helpers. Because of the size and nature of these kids rides, we need a big group of volunteers to help out and we’re always looking for extra assistance. As a minimum, we need you to be a member of LDTR in some capacity (race/social/trail build) and we need you to get a volunteer working with children check. 


We also arrange and pay for first aid courses, hazard awareness courses and instructor courses for our volunteers – on top of the reward of running rides for hoards of smiling kids ;)

Email us at if you’d like to hear more about getting involved.

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