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Trail Closures Update for 12th February

Please be aware that some trails will be closed this weekend at Lysterfield Park due to our Trail Build Team and Trail Maintenance Crew out and about.

👷‍♀️'Lil Shawty

👷🏾Upper Buckle

CLOSED Saturday 12th Feb - Monday 14th Feb.

REOPENS Tues 15th Feb

Work proposed: Maintenance and armouring both trails

See graphic #2 for a map of these trails in the Lysterfield trail network and a detour route for you to find your way back to the single trail.

👷🏼‍♀️Skills Park

CLOSED Saturday 12th Feb

Work proposed: filling in pot holes, reshaping features, general maintenance.

🧐If you've been wondering what is happening with the plan to reopen Aneurysm and Lower Buckle... here's what we know:

1️⃣ Assessments by Parks Victoria are in progress and we are waiting for their official update.

We are hoping to see some work done on this trail soon and wish we had details confirmed for you, but this is out of our hands as we all wait for the boxes to be ticked.

Thank you to everyone who has respected the trail closures so far. Please continue to respect trail closures this weekend - especially as our volunteers will be out with machinery and everyone's safety is our number one priority.


Detour for Feb Trail Closures



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