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Lysterfield MTB Trails Open

Lysterfield MTB Trails are now open! Pending a few which currently have detours and Snipe which is still closed.

When you return to the park, please consider the trails by: Riding through, not around puddles Follow the formal trail line, don’t ride or create b-lines If you know a trail is wet and muddy, choose to ride the gravel fire trails instead The trails may be closed when 30mm of rain is received in a single 24hr period, or when 50mm of rain is received in 3 consecutive days. ⚠️ Please note detours are in place for part of Lower Buckle and Hug. Snipe trail remains closed. Please follow trail signage. Without the hard work of our LDTR trail builders and working bee crews, these trails would have stay closed for a significantly longer period of time. Big thanks to Parks Victoria and the local volunteers too! 🙏Please consider helping the club out with being able to continue our hard work through a membership or donation via our website at All monies raised go back into the trail maintenance of the Lysterfield Park trail network, for future trail expansion advocacy and for our events. Our team of hard working volunteers would not be able to assist the park and keep the network at what it currently is or what it could be without memberships or donations. We hope to see you out on the trails (taking account for COVID regulations as well)! Cheers, LDTR #RIDELYSTY #LDTR #supportyourtrailfairies



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