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Kids Social Name Competition - WIN PRIZES

Competition Time!

We’re keen to give the juniors program a bit of a facelift and some personality. And with most kids at home right now for holidays (and for other reasons), we figured now was the best time to get started with a bit of a competition.

Some of you may be aware that we’ve been racking our brains to come up with a name for the group, and we’re going to extend this to getting a new logo to go with it. What we’d love is to have a new logo designed by one of our enthusiastic junior riders, to use on our web page, trail maps, and a range of T-shirts.

To enter, Pick a name for the group and draw up a logo to suit it. Your limit is your imagination and entries are unlimited! Then scan your drawing or take a photo of it, and send it along with your name to (get your folks to help you with this if you need to). Entries will close on 1/5/2020 and we’ll post up the best of them on social media for everyone to see.

The winner will have their amazing logo plastered all over our website, the trail maps, and our next run of t-shirts. We’ll also be giving you a much coveted LDTR jersey or t-shirt and a $50 gift voucher for life of bikes. GOOD LUCK!

Some of the fun names we’ve had suggested so far:

· Berm Brats

· Rascal Riders

· Soil Shredders

· Lysty Trail Rippers

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