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LDTR - Trail Adoption Program

LDTR are proud to announce our Trail Adoption Program or TAP for short! This partnership with Parks Victoria is a first of its kind for any mountain bike club in Victoria!

Behind the scenes this project has been on the boil for many years, the LDTR advocacy crew have worked with Parks Victoria to see this approved by their legal department, local managers and the CEO! This is no mean feat! And it paves the way for other MTB clubs in Victoria to do the same!

We are primarily reaching out to businesses that financially gain from the Lysterfield MTB trails, as TAP gives them the opportunity to give back and support the future maintenance of one of the busiest MTB parks in Australia!

More details to follow soon!

All expressions of interest should be sent directly to Ben, the LDTR advocacy manager and will be subject to a first come, first served basis along with Parks Victoria's sponsorship guidelines.

LDTR TAP Image Logo thanks to Ra Heng.

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