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Thanks to our Secretary - Mike

This is Mike.

Mike has been our secretary for over 7 years. If you've ever hired an Evoc bike bag, signed up to be an LDTR member or contacted us directly through the website... chances are that you've spoken to Mike.

Mike has done an absolutely incredible job for LDTR and the community. From managing the membership database, to liaising with MTBA, to sending our membership letters and stickers, to assisting with our banking and Paypal, to supporting the timing at our FFLL races and also recording all the minutes of our committee meetings.

Mike has helped form the "spine" of LDTR and the club could not be where it is today without the volunteered time and efforts that Mike has contributed to the community.

Last night at our AGM, we said a big Thank you to Mike from all of the committee and on behalf of the LDTR community who have been assisted by him, as Mike is moving on and fitting some more riding time into his calendar.

If you see Mike out on the trails, feel free to say Hi or a big thank you to him and ask about where his next riding trip will be!

Thanks again for everything you've contributed to LDTR Mike!

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