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Wowee! 164 TOTAL VOLUNTEER HOURS OF BUILDING. That was a crazy weekend of building at Lysty by our extraordinary volunteers.

The amount of planning, effort and dedication put into this weekend's build is phenomenal and you will definitely notice the differences when you ride up the climb next time round.

We had 14 volunteers on Saturday and 13 volunteers on Sunday, contributing to 112 hours on Saturday and 52 hours on Sunday.

What was done:

🚵 Switchback corners rebuilt from bottom to top, with existing armouring removed and new armouring added. An A-line and B-line step up were added to one of these corners.

🚵 Large erosion ruts causing damage further down the track fixed.

🚵 Drainage routes created before hitting each switchback.

🚵 Large granite rocks added before drainage pipes to help guide away water/stop tyre kick-out and to cover the pipes from trail surface.

🚵 Rolling grade dips added for water guidance off track.

🚵 Corralling done to block off track widening and b-lines being formed.

🚵 Landing of jump from top near trig point has been resurfaced to stop erosion of wheels landing on roots and water has been guided off the track instead of running down it.

🚵 Drainage along the whole section.

To everyone who helped out, thank you so much for your hard efforts. You're all legends! We have some awesome stuff planned for next year and can't wait to see you all back building again soon.

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