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LDTR October Trail Build Day - Follow Me Photos & Summary

A HUGE thank you to the 11 volunteers who contributed 75+ volunteer hours of maintenance and building time along Follow Me today.


We reshape the very first berm of the trail with large armouring rocks and cohesive material as it was heavily eroded over the time. B-lines were blocked off and drainage was also added.

Reverse grade drain was added before the first rock drop to divert surface runoff away from the track.

We reshaped and extended the existing kicker straight after the first rock drop to create a more usable trail feature and to assist riders staying away from landing in the trees.

We also extended the existing berm before the kicker to create a proper ride line towards the kicker and another catch berm was built to create a smooth transition to the turn in the trail. B-line was cleaned up during the build.

Another small berm was build straight after the turn in the trail to keep riders on track.

As usual, we fixed the drainage on upper section of Follow Me.

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