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LDTR Annual General Meeting - 20th August 2018

The 2018 Annual General Meeting The 2017-2018 year was huge for LDTR. A lot of behind the scenes work went on to help improve the mountain biking scene at Lysterfield Park. None of this possible without the hard working volunteer committee for LDTR who put in countless hours to improve the park for everyone. Now we need some new faces to step up and help us continue the vision we've started. DATE: 20th of August at 7PM until approx 9pm. LOCATION: To be confirmed All positions for the committee in the 2018-2019 year are up for nomination. Anyone can nominate themselves to join the committee. Below are the posted positions up for nomination. To nominate for a position, please reply to this forum thread with the position your interested (having a forum account is essential to being on the committee). Multiple nominations for one position can occur, with the vote at the annual general meeting being who is decided to get the position.

FORUM THREAD LINK HERE:,2183.0.html If you're not sure about joining the committee or are concerned about commitment, shoot us an email and we'll help clarify anything you might want to ask before you nominate. Nominations can be done through this forum (if you're unable to make it on the 20th August) or you can attend on the night and nominate. If you're choosing to attend on the night, it would be ideal to also post up on the forum beforehand. Why would you want to join the LDTR Committee? Volunteering as a committee member for LDTR not only brings value to the park and the club, but you'll end up finding a new perspective on the sport and your value in what it takes to make Lysterfield Park a great riding destination. You get to work alongside an enthusiastic bunch of local mountain bikers who all have a passion for wanting to see the mountain biking scene at Lysterfield Park grow. Joining the committee allows you to have a say. If you have an idea that you want to help with or drive, nominate for a position now. If you're educated or have any experience in the industry/sport or a role which can support the club, you can help add value to the trails you love to ride. Watch yours and others' ideas flourish into reality. You will get to learn the history of the park, the club, how we work with the land manager and other stakeholders. Joining the committee allows you to have more in depth knowledge around how processes are handled and why decisions are made by the club. At the end of the day, being on the committee will not only elevate your passion for wanting the mountain bike trails and community at Lysterfield Park to succeed, but you'll also grow as an individual the more you aim to contribute. The positions up for nomination are: President: • Overall responsibility of the club, to ensure that the club is managed as per club regulations and that we meet all our legislative requirements. • To grow the club financially and membership base. • To assist all committee members in their positions • To be the official voice of the club and to communicate to Parks Victoria and any member from the public. Vice President: • Assist the President in duties that he is responsible for, to fill the president’s role when away or unable to carry out his responsibilities. • Assist Communication with Parks Victoria on all issues • Assist Control of Trail building days. • Assist other committee members if required Secretary: • Responsible for all administration duties and record keeping. • Assist in communications with IMBA, MTBA and Members • Assist in retaining current members and assisting in collection of monies owed by current and new members • Contacting newly paid members welcoming to club and making sure they receive membership card and welcome pack. • Assist in Club Treasure were required. Treasurer: • Responsible for accounts of the club • Accounts payable and receivable • To make sure account ledger is up to date and audited annually • Assist Secretary in contacting current members to re-new membership. Marketing Membership/ Grant / Government: • Drive ideas and benefits of being LDTR club Member • Increase revenue for club to buy tools or pay for contracted works • Increase membership base • Drive club into new areas and create club image • Hunt down Government Grants and fill out all required paper work • Open a line of communication to local MP’s and Local Councils • Assist in growing membership base via social media and Paper media Advocacy Manager: • Your goal is to push for a more positive mountain biking scene at the park and for the sport in the area. • You will work on past and present projects that the club has set up with land managers and other stake holders and work hand in hand with those stakeholders with the aim of creating a successful outcome for the mountain biking community. • Negotiate, mediate and communicate effectively with the land manager, sporting brands, private corporations and other key community stakegholders to advocate for the club and the sport at Lysterfield Park. • You will work effectively with other key committee members, especially the Marketing membership/Grant/Government role. IT Technologies/ Social Media Coordinator: • Co-Ordinate website, forum and keep us up to date with new technologies • Better utilise existing IT to advertise club (Facebook/Instagram) • Build on existing website and drive improvements • Online store ( revenue ) • Create photo and video content for the club to promote our work throughout the year Trail Building Co-Ordinator • Manage all aspects of trail building • Manage trail day work flow and have all members sign register • Help drive initiatives to increase volunteer trail builders • Help Develop new trails and assist VP in seeking approvals etc. • Purchase of specialist tools materials for the club and trails Social ride & Skills Coordinator • Coordinate social rides, women's social rides and skills sessions • Promoting rides & Skills sessions • Coordinating Instructors and ride leaders • Managering Instructors credentials. Race Coordinator • Coordinate The summer FFLL series, Annual VES race and potential inter-club races • Organize prizes for FFLL series • Submitting race permits • Organise sponsors • Manage volunteers • Process moneys and license forms taken on race day. Junior Program Coordinator • Coordinate regular (monthly) junior social rides. • Coordinate regular (bi-monthly) junior skills sessions or on-going Skills program • Coordinate a junior squad for FFLL races • Liaise with Social Coordinator for Family Social rides General Committee Member: • You will aim to assist other committee members when needed. • Listen in on committee meetings and working group meetings to provide support and ideas when required. • Have a voice in how LDTR runs by voting for decisions.

We hope to see you there!



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