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Maintenance Works this Year

It's been a busy start to the year in terms of maintenance to the trails at Lysterfield Park. We've had a fair amount of spare time in the first couple of months to help look after the trails. Below is a summary of time lapses/photos which shows all the VOLUNTEER work completed within the first 43 days of 2017. Please keep in mind that our next trail build day is this Sunday 19th February and that the trails are maintained by LDTR who are the sole volunteer maintenance/trail building group for all the MTB trails within Lysterfield Park. For a list of our future trail builds, click here. We love seeing new faces at our builds.

The year started with both of our head trail builders gaining some experience on machinery with the professional tuition from Garry at Trailscapes. This helped us understand how to operate the machinery in a safe and low impact manner on the trails and in the park.

​ Followed by some tough work on Upper Buckle during a rainy day:

​​ We have even spent a whole day just moving materials around the park to make our builds easier to coordinate and manage in the future:

Our first trail build for the year was on Dog Pound trail which saw the trail gain a few more features and also have a lot of issues ticked off.

We also cleaned up the entrance/exit of Lower Blair Witch during a weekday:

​​ We also did some maintenance to Aneurysm:

and then fixed up the non stable maintenance on Aneurysm the next day:

We added some dirt as a landing to the kicker on Dog Pound.

Some drainage works on Follow Me and adding even more dirt to the landing on Dog Pound was the next job:

Some fixes to the switchback corners on the State MTB Course climb:

We returned the day after the night of rain and completed some drainage on the climb and repaired the corners again:

43 days! - What else are we going to be able to accomplish for the rest of this year? #RIDELYSTY

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