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Trail Build - Friday 25th Novmeber

Trail Build/Maintenance Day

DATE & TIME: 1pm, Friday 25th November 2016

MEETING: Parks Vic Depot (Just above Skills Park)

WORKS: We will be working on two features.

On Middle Trail, we will be working on the last small gravel double just before Redgum - removing the log and replacing with larger rocks and building it up with more gravel.

On Upper Buckle Trail, we will be replacing a wooden bridge and creating a drain underneath it with piping, replacing with rocks and gravel.

BRING: Water, food, good shoes (preferably steel capped) and appropriate clothing for weather.

We will be leaving the Park Vic compound at 1pm and may end up collecting some materials along the way. We will start at Upper Buckle and then move on to Middle.

IF you want to join, but won't be able to make it until later, please bring/ride your bike with you. If for some reason you can't find us or we have finished, at least you will be able to go for a cruisy Friday night ride.

The park is pretty quiet of Friday nights, so this should be a pretty relaxed build.

Hope to see you there.

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