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State MTB Course Trail Build Summary - Jan 2019

A big day of building for the first build of 2019. A massive thank you to all who attended and who gave up their time to help organise and contribute on the day.

Photo Album:

We had 12 volunteers and 108 volunteer hours combined yesterday.

Works were carried on the State MTB Course Track beyond the second right-hand switchback.

Eroded areas of the trail were rebuilt, and large logs were used to create the ride line.

Proper drainage paths were created to prevent future erosion of the trail in this section.

The next left-hand corner was re-armoured, and a rolling grade dip drain was created above the armoured corner.

The third right hand switchback was rebuilt with a technical step in the inner line to create a drainage path above the armouring.

Remaining areas of the switchback were re-armoured and large logs were used to prevent unnecessary ride lines.

Several reverse grade drains were created along the trail to prevent erosion of the trail and large logs and rocks were used to block B-lines.

Our next trail build going to be on Saturday 9th February, and we are aiming to work on the all the berms of the Commonwealth Games Track descent.

Pictures thanks to Praveen.

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