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LDTR FFLL Round 1 Results

FFLL Round 1 Race Results (sort of):

Unfortunately, our Event electronic timing was unavailable for round one. As you know all these events are run by volunteers giving up their time and sometimes there are other commitments.

We used our regular back up timing system, however we haven’t used this for 12 months and the two volunteers with experience in this app both had work commitments for this round so a few new people stepped in to help out, despite their best efforts we endured some technical issues and only received the first lap of information for each participant. So, let’s call it a one lap dash event and we have compiled these details to share with you here.

We apologise for this situation and are disappointed the technology has let us down in this result. All the volunteers put in a large amount of effort on these events and we know timing is a key part. We will ensure we expand our knowledge of this back up system for future use.

We have included the first lap results here on the forum, see attached files.

Please check for an email from us in regards to a promo code for round 2.

Thanks so much for your support,

LDTR Crew.

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