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LDTR Trail Build Day Summary - September

A big thank you to the 12 volunteers who helped out on today's trail build along Middle Trail. A total of over 80+ hours was contributed to the mountain bike trails at Lysterfield Park. We had 4 first time builders and 1 builder with a broken hand among the group to get the below done.

This was the first build with 4 trail build co-coordinators.

Full range of pics here: CLICK HERE

🚵 3 New berms built. The first of the lot to help keep riders in line on the trail and away from a tree that catches a few riders out on the off camber. The other two berms help increase speed around some corkscrew turns, but don't have to be used if you don't want to ride them.

🚵 2 Berms rebuilt. The second berm after the hip jump has been extended so you can ride it for longer/get the tail end of it. The other berm rebuilt was to help smooth out where a root was protruding.

🚵 Drainage along the track from East-West Break to Donnelans fire trail.

🚵 B-Lines blocked off using a weed carefully removed by Renae from Parks Vic

🚵 Drainage lip/step down before the berm and jump section has been extended to help remove a rut which was forming around the rocks. A large rock has been placed to extend the step down and a drain has been added to make the water flow off the track.

Donate, get involved, lend a hand at the next built - details at

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