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LDTR Women's July Social Ride + Bike Fitting Session Beforehand

Before the Women's Social Ride this Sunday (register here: ), we have the awesome team from Life of Bikes coming for a special Bike fitting session.

The session will provide advice and assistance to get you properly positioned on your bike and to get your suspension dialled for a better ride.

We will go through:

  • Seat height and position

  • Cockpit set up

  • Suspension set up

  • Suspension settings

We’ll work with you to make adjustments and you can test how it feels along the Trailmix Trail or Skills Park. We can re-adjust till we get it right and you’ll be set to join us for a super fun ride with the women around the park.

Bike Fitting Session 8am to 9am.

Women's only social ride 9.15am

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