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1 WEEK Until the Golden Goat Challenge

Register for the race here:

There's only 1 week left until the VES Golden Goat Challenge 3/6hour race!

The club has been hard at work behind the scenes to make this an awesome event with a few small changes from previous years.

We have some awesome sponsors on board who has allowed us to offer some amazing prizes to give out on the day.

We've ran 2 trail builds specifically to help prepare the trails for the day so that they can survive any rainfall from the days prior and so that the trails are in great condition when we have a bunch of riders coming through them on repeat laps!

Keep in mind that the course even includes one of our latest 'major' changes to the park, with the realignment of Redgum trail making things feel a little different!

We're keen to make this a fun, enjoyable and exciting day for everyone who spectates and races. So please bring along anyone who you think will enjoy a day out!

We have great food and drink options, amenities for everyone, space for teams to set up and many places to spectate the race. Best of all, the atmosphere will be pumping at the event village and around the course.

If you want more updates on the race throughout the week (there will be some), please head over to our Facebook page or Instagram page for all the details!

We can't wait to see you all there for a rad day!


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