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LDTR Trail Build Pics and Summary

A huge thanks to the 7 hardcore volunteers who came out today in the rain and sun from 8am-2pm to help complete works on Granite Link and Aneurysm. There was a lot of wheelbarrow pushing up steep and rocky sections, with a lot of rock moving and technical rock placing decisions.

On Granite Link we:

  • Rock armoured two ruts on the straight after the first left corner.

  • Rock armoured two berms and filled in gaps between rocks.

  • Created a water bar with a massive rock to divert water off the trail.

  • Added a couple of drains.

  • Rebuilt two step downs.

  • Blocked off a B-line.

On Aneurysm we:

  • Extended the last berm on the top section.

  • Reshaped the step up on the top section.

  • Cleared a couple of drains.

  • Added a layer of soil to the second berm on the top section.

  • Cleared the grass and growth on the top of the berms.

Thanks to Mick A from Parks Victoria for sourcing materials for the build also!

We haven't set a date for a build in December, but if one goes ahead we will post up on our Facebook page, forum and website. In the meantime, if you would like to support the club - become a member, donate through our website, or join in at our other events - such as our races.

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