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LDTR Trail Build Pics

We had a hard working crew of 14 volunteers who gave up a beautiful morning to help contribute to making the trails at Lysterfield awesome! What we achieved in one build:


- Lots and lots of drained cleared.

- A lot of unnecessary B lines blocked off.

- Hazardous PVC pipes removed from the trail which were poking out in the middle of the trail.


- A LOT of drainage along the whole track.

- B line blocked off next to gravel tabletop, new b line made clearer and tabletop re shaped. - Gravel placed before boardwalk to create smoother transition ontop.

- Drainage cleared and b-lines on rock armoured dip blocked off to keep riders on the armoured section.

- Rebuilding of kicker and jump into the berms.

- Rebuilding of berms further up on middle.

State MTB Course:

- A LOT OF shrub trimming to make the corners clearer.

Support us by attending our next build in June (date TBC), donating to us or signing up as a member to the club on our website at . All monies raised from our VES race, club memberships and donations go back into the trails at Lysterfield Park.

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