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Trail Build Pics and Time Lapse

A small but keen crew of 4 builders today for our First weekday trail build! Massive kudos to those who helped out today and who gave up their riding time to improve the riding experience at Lysterfield.

What we completed: ✓Place mulch on the edges of Middle trail to deter widening of the trail and blocked off more B-lines. ✓Added more soil to some small humps to allow for better access for both directions. ✓Moved the two rock obstacle to the right of the track to lower the effect of riders widening the trail. ✓Replaced the wood in the final gravel jump on Middle with more gravel and made it carry more flow. ✓TrailScapes replaced a wooden drainage bridge with large rocks - saving us time :). ✓Battled a large nest of Bull ants.

A solid 5 hours from the volunteers today.

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