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Bright 24 Hour MTB Race - LDTR/ One rider's perspective Summary

B24 – Nate’s Perspective Summary

Three LDTR teams entered the traditional Bright 24 hour MTB race, with another team of 2 joining along also, making our crew of riders a total of 14 (Team “LDTR1”, Team “ISM Racing”, Team “Follow the Pumpkin” and Team “Cycleworks Box Hill" (Team of 2 Male)).

​We arrived at Darren’s house to car pool to Bright, with many others from the group already being at Bright or choosing to arrive on the Saturday.

After a good four hour trip through some of the most scenic and beautiful mountainous areas,


​we arrived at the Pioneer Park recreation Reserve to an ambulance helicopter landing on the oval to pick up a road bike rider who injured themselves down a descent. This was a spectacular welcome to the event village.

We set up our tents,​

​and headed into the town to stock up on some absolute banger bargains at Woolworths before heading out for a delicious pizza and pint at the Bright Brewery.

​A majority of the crew decided to head back to the race centre and get an early night ready for the big day ahead of us. The first lot of rain hit at about 3am on the Saturday morning.

Early at 6am the next day, Darren cooked up his world famous egg and bacon wraps which were absolutely delicious after the small amount of sleep that was had.

At 8am we went to registration and collected our goodies bag, while also taking full advantage of the coffee van.

Three of us decided to ride into town along the beautiful river before race briefing and meet the others (who took a car) at a café to grab another coffee and some delicious berry muffins.

We then all set up our riding gear and bikes and went to the race briefing to listen to some very important information about chicken and rooster lines.