LDTR Skills sessions are held every two months.

Please see our event calendar for future dates. CLICK HERE

Each LDTR instructor has:

  • PMBIA level 1 instructors qualification

  • First Aid

  • Working with children's check

  • MTBA coaching affiliation.

To take part in our skills clinics you need either a recreation, race or trial  MTBA license, alternatively you can purchase a day license ($10, $7 for juniors). 

Group lessons

Currently we are offering two levels of groups lesson, Foundations for those new to the sport and Focus for more experienced riders. Each 2 hour lesson will have a maximum of just 5 students - compare this to the average group size elsewhere.  You'll experience more personalised instruction with LDTR.





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(For beginners or those just starting to ride off road)
New to mountain bike riding or haven't done much riding on dirt?  Our Foundations lessons cover the key skills needed for safe mountain biking, including correct body position, braking and gearing.  This is the perfect introduction to mountain biking in a safe environment, so join us and set yourself up for a love of the sport by getting it 'right' from the start.

Minimum Age: 15


(For riders who want to improve their existing MTB skills, or refresh with modern techniques)
Do you ride regularly? Comfortable riding all the trails at Lysterfield but want to improve your flow?  Your mates seem to ride away from you on the corners?  Our Focus skills coaching sessions are ideal for intermediate riders.  Join us as we take the Foundation skills up a level.  We will re-examine body position and braking before moving to more advanced techniques which may include

- Exploring different line choices on the trail
- Help you tackle trail obstacles
- More advanced braking techniques
- Body position for faster cornering, stronger climbing and more confident, stable descending.
Particular techniques explored on the day will depend on the interest and abilities of the riders present.  A moderate level of fitness is recommended (we have to ride up the hills to come back down them!)

Minimum Age: 15

Kids Beginner Lessons

(For kids aged between 10yrs to 15yrs)

Maybe you're a parent who wants your child to have some key riding skills needed to tackle the single track?

...Or you're under 16 and haven't had the opportunity to know the core skills before you found out how cool mountain biking was!

If you're between the ages of 10 to 15, this is the lesson for you!



Private lessons

(Get the instructor all to yourself!)

Prefer to learn without others looking on, or do you have specific riding goals? We offer 2 hour private lessons for beginner and intermediate riders at Lysterfield Park. Sessions are very popular with beginners who are keen to get off to the right start, and more experienced riders who want to fine tune their technique.

Small group sessions are also on offer if you have one or two mates with similar riding abilities who share your goals and availability.

Fees (2 hours) -

1 person  - $130

2 people  - $180 ($90 per person)

(Discounts available for multiple session bookings (ie, 3 x 2hr) or larger groups - please enquire.  All participants must be over 18 years of age.)

Session times

Bookings can be arranged on request for:
- Tuesdays after 4pm
- Thursday morning or afternoon (or evening in daylight hours).
- Saturday and Sundays have limited morning and afternoon availability.

To book a private lesson, email skills@ldtr.bike with details of your preferred session time and day.

LDTR Members get 25% off standard pricing!!

What best describes you as a rider?
1. I am very much a beginner. I can ride my bike around the block.

2. I am a beginner but I have ridden on the trails at Lysterfield a couple of times.

3. I feel confident to ride a mountain bike and I ride at Lysty most weeks.

4. I ride at Lysty and other MTB parks at least once a week. 

If you think you are a 1 or 2, our Foundations session is for you. (Once you have completed your first class, the instructor will indicate if you are ready to move on to the Focus level for future classes).

If you are more a 3 or 4, our Focus session is for you.