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Some Trials - Now Open

Yes, that's correct!

SOME trails are open!

We received some wonderful news from PV today, telling us that some of the trails are now re-opened for use. They are:

State Mountain Bike Course Aneurysm Granite Link Hug Trail Upper Blair Witch Lower Blair Witch Snipe

Take note: these tracks still require work. However, they have been deemed safe to re-open by PV.

Please stay on the trail, ride through any puddles you may encounter, and do not create any alternate lines around sections of the trail. If you happen to come across a particularly muddy/wet section, consider giving it a miss altogether. Apart from the fire roads and Lake Circuit Trail, all other trails are still closed until further notice.

Thank you to the PV team that has helped to clear up the trails for all of us!

For the many of you who have been putting your hands up to offer assistance in trail repairs, we are waiting for PV to give us the okay to run volunteer trail repairs/build sessions to go in and fix up the trails. Stay tuned for further updates!

If you'd like to support our trails and the work that goes into the trails, you can sign up to be a member of the club at You can also donate to the club through our website (, via PayPal).

All monies raised go back into the trail maintenance of the Lysterfield Park trail network, for future trail expansion advocacy and for our events. Our team of hard working volunteers would not be able to assist the park and keep the network at what it currently is or what it could be without memberships or donations.

We hope to see you out on the trails, taking into consideration any COVID 19 restrictions that may be in place for you. Stay safe!