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All MTB trails at Lysterfield are CLOSED.

It is never something we like doing, but the trails at Lysterfield are getting smashed, so PV has made the decision to close all the MTB trails at Lysterfield to give them a chance to dry out.

The consistent rain is producing underground springs that are flooding the trails and creating some serious boggy sections. If the trails remain open, the damage will become very costly to repair and possibly see them closed for longer. The more we ride on wet boggy trails, the less chance they have of drying out.

So we are calling on the whole MTB Community to stay away from Lysterfield's MTB trails for a while. Thousands and thousands of volunteer hours have been poured into the trail network over the years, but right now the best thing for the trails is NO RIDING. If you respect these trails closures, the sooner we can get them reopened.

As soon as COVID restrictions ease, we will recommence our Working Bee's and get crews back out onto the trails.

If you want to help with the recovery you can do a few things right now that will help: 1 - Join the club through MTBA - 2 - Donate @ 3 - Join the trail crew (When we are allowed again) 4 - Join the committee

Many thanks, LDTR.



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