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Lil Shawty Trail Build - Saturday 8th Feb 2020 - Summary

Yesterday we completed a huge amount of work on the trail 'Lil Shawty' (closest trail to BP Petrol Station on Wellington Road).

PLEASE NOTE: This trail is closed until Parks Victoria have approved our works (hopefully by Monday. Please keep off Lil Shawty so that our works are not jeopardised and so the features settle).

A massive massive massive thank you to

  • Praveen

  • Craig

  • Bill

  • Nate

  • Jim

  • Cale (behind the scenes planning)

  • Jordan

  • Hayden

  • Robert

  • Friedo

...for their man power, planning and effort in to organising and contributing 8 hours of their Saturday to improving Lil shawty trail. We moved A LOT of material with a lot of sweat created and some very tired and sore bodies resulting the following day.

A huge thanks to Batty Contractors for the leasing of his excavator and dropping off, picking up and servicing of the machine. You're a legend mate. The machine was in tip-top shape and worked perfectly for a full day's work. If anyone needs to hire an excavator, hit up Batty Contractors for an incredible service.

Also a big thanks to Coates Hire for supplying us with a trailer to help carry our gear and a plate compactor so that all of our features we build can hold up to the thousands of riders who will ride them each week!

Your support for us the last few builds has helped the club a bunch.

What we completed:

● Created heaps of reverse grade drains with long and wide arms to drain water off the trail and keep the trail from being one big waterway.

● Removed most original (unofficially modified) features and rebuilt with correct design specs graded from skills park measurements.

● Made the ending of the trail and trail junction a been that self drains off of Upper Buckle. With the Upper Buckle trail now becoming a roller that clearly separates the trail junction and allows riders to ride in the correct direction and lead to less riders going against each other.

● Blocked off an unnecessary b-line.

● Created a large water bar at the start of the trail to keep water running down into the trail off the fire road.

There are a couple of features which we didn't quite finish off near the top, due to zero energy and manpower left after 8 hours, we will take this challenge on soon in the future.

Our next build will be in roughly a month and dates will be shared on the website and our facebook/instagram as usual about 2-3 weeks out.

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