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LDTR Trail Build - State MTB Course Berms Section - March 2019

It was a day for relaxing in the pool and eating an ice-cream. Except for these 10 awesome volunteers who have up their entire morning to work tirelessly in the heat on the mountain bike trails.

Photo album: CLICK HERE

A massive thank you goes out these legends, as the sweat was pouring off their faces half an hour into the build.

We started off shifting a pile of material into a trailer, before heading to the State MTB Course Berm Section. Too dry to rebuild any of the berms and with only limited water, our focus was to repair and maintain the braking ruts and fix the drainage caused along the berms descent section.

Trips up and down the Grassy Spur Fire Trail to retrieve soil from the trailer exhausted the team.

What we did:

- Cleared many drains which were blocked.

- Rebuilt reverse grade drains.

- Repaired braking ruts before and after berms.

- Filled in areas around rock section which have eroded significantly.

- Blocked off B-Lines and guided riders to main section of the riding trail.

- Removed excess silt/soil from the main riding line.

With temperatures reaching 35 degrees by midday, this wasn't our longest build. But it was one of our toughest weather conditions to endure.

A big thank you to those who helped and also to the riders who obeyed the trail signage.

Our next build will be in nearly April with details to follow.

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