• Sherief Wissa

Trail UPGRADES and Closure Updates


From the funds raised from our past two VES races, we have been able to hire TrailScapes to provide upgrades to some of the trails within our park. This will be undertaken over the next month, with closures being carried out as they go. 😀

They are currently working on Snipe (Track 12). Snipe trail will be closed all of today, but opened for the weekend. 👍

The following trails are still closed, with an update on them coming from Parks Vic this afternoon: Trail 2 - Lower Buckle Trail 3 - Upper Buckle Trail 11 - Follow Me Trail 16 - Buckle Down Trail 18 - Humping Hound Trail 6 - Hug

All other trails are open at this stage (except Snipe).

We are looking forward to the professional trail building work of TrailScapes and hope everyone enjoys the improvements which the club having been working hard towards achieving over the past couple of years.

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