LDTR is super psyched to have started a juniors program recently and it’s taken off like a rocket! Currently we’re only doing monthly social rides, but we will be looking at expanding this in the future, watch this space for tons more fun.


Monthly Social Rides

Once a month, LDTR will be running a weekend juniors ride with a BBQ afterwards. The ride will usually last about 1.5hr and will have multiple groups to cater for all skill levels so just about anyone will be able to join the fun. All ages are welcome, but kids under 10 must be accompanied by an adult. Bikes must be in good working order and helmets meeting aus standards must be worn.


Leisurely ride around the lake, mostly on fire trail but does include some easy singletrack. Has a couple of short climbs and some obstacles that can be ridden around. Roughly 6km of riding with a few stops along the way to chat and allow people to catch up

Kids Social Map SHORT.jpg
Speed Demons

A more spirited ride around the park, taking in all of the intermediate loop but also straying off to play on some of the comm games track. This includes some tough climbing, harder obstacles and a section of black trail so we ask that only competent riders that are comfortable on the comm games trail sign up. Roughly 12km of riding with a few stops to chat, but less time for it because you have a lot more ground to cover if you want a snag when you get back ;)

Kids Social Map BEGINNER.jpg

A quiet pace around and predominately singletrack loop, all green and blue trails. Has some harder obstacles and more taxing climbs, but nothing too scary. Roughly 9km long with a few stops along the way for a chat and for slower riders to catch up

Kids Social Map LONG.jpg

Trail Etiquette 

Before we ride, we need to acknowledge that the trails at Lysterfield (or anywhere) are used by a lot of riders and we need to be able to share.

  • Lysterfield’s MTB trails are now one-way only, so we shouldn’t have to worry about riders coming from the other direction, but please keep a watchful eye out anyway.

  • If a rider catches up to you, there is a good chance they’re faster than you. Please be courteous and pull over to the side when it’s safe so they can get past.

  • If you catch up to a rider, announce that you are there and ask them if you can get past when it’s safe. I know it’s a mouthful, but it’s nicer than just yelling “RIDER!” and less likely to panic a novice.

  • If you’re pulling over for a rest or a chat, try to do so in a clear area and pull your bike all the way off the track so other riders can get past. This applies on firetrails too.

  • As well as other riders, we also have wildlife-a-plenty to look out for. If you see an animal on the track, slow down or stop to let them get out of the way and let any riders behind you know why you’re stopping so they don’t fly past.

  • Have a blast, keep grinning, and never get angry with a rider that doesn’t know trail etiquette


Skills Sessions

LDTR has a number of qualified instructors available to teach basic  and intermediate skills for a small fee. For the juniors program we run small group sessions before the social ride so kids can go straight out and put their new skills into practice.


Currently we have no specific juniors racing program, but we do have a kids race (all ages) at the “lazy loops” races and some juniors categories (13+) at the golden goat race.


We can’t possibly run these rides without the help of an awesome crew of parents and helpers. Because of the size and nature of these kids rides, we need a big group of volunteers to help out and we’re always looking for extra assistance. As a minimum, we need you to be a member of LDTR in some capacity (race/social/trail build) and we need you to get a volunteer working with children check. We also arrange and pay for first aid courses, hazard awareness courses and instructor courses for our volunteers – on top of the reward of running rides for hoards of smiling kids ;)

Email us at if you’d like to hear more about getting involved.