Terms and Conditions

Competition Rules

  1. These competition rules specified by Lysterfield District Trail Riders  from time to time (“Competition Rules”) apply to any competition which is run by or on behalf of the Lysterfield District Trail Riders. By taking part in a Competition, you agree to be bound by the Competition Rules and by the decisions of the Lysterfield District Trail Riders which are final in all matters relating to the Competition. The Lysterfield District trail Riders reserves the right to disqualify any entrant and/or winner in its absolute discretion for any reason and without notice in accordance with the Competition rules.

  2. By entering and participating, entrant agrees to hold harmless, defend and indemnify Facebook and Instagram from and against any and all claims, demands, liability, damages or causes of action (however named or described), losses, costs or expenses, with respect to or arising out of or related to (i) entrant’s participation in the Sweepstake, or (ii) entrant’s participation in any Prize related activities, acceptance of a Prize and/or use or misuse of a Prize (including, without limitation, any property loss, damage, personal injury or death caused to any person(s). 

  3. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook or Instagram.

  4. The winner will be announced within 24 hours of the decision of the winning entrant and the prize will be delivered as soon as possible.

  5. Entrants may only submit their entries via a private message to the Lysterfield District Trail Riders Facebook page (Lysterfield MTB) or via email to secretary@lysterfieldmtb.com .

  6. Entries can be created any way (e.g. hand drawn, computer generated, website generated) but must be submitted in either JPEG or PNG file format.

  7. Eligible entrants may only design a t-shirt for the back of the shirt and must aim to use black as the colouring of any imagery or text they use. If other colours are used, the Lysterfield District Trail Riders may use the design but will change the colouring to black.

  8. The Lysterfield District Trail Riders have the right to modify any entries for the final design of the t-shirt.

  9. Entrants can be of any age and family members of the Lysterfield District Trail Riders Committee may enter, but will not be accepted as a prize winner. In which case, the second most voted design will receive the prize. Committee members of the Lysterfield District Trail Riders may not enter this competition.

  10. Entrants may submit as many designs as they wish to.

  11. This competition limits entrants to those residing within Australia only and the prize, if claimed will only be offered to those currently residing in Australia.

  12. Entries must be submitted by an individual (not via any agency or similar) and, unless otherwise stated. The Lysterfield District Trail Riders reserves the right in its sole discretion to substitute any prize with cash or a prize of comparable value.

  13. The total prize value is $70 excluding postage and will be a Lysterfield District Trail Riders hoodie which will be delivered to the winning entrant as soon as possible if the entrant accepts the prize by the 12:00pm (AEST) 18th March 2017. 

  14. If the winning entrant does not accept the prize, a re-draw for the prize will take place on the 19th March 2017.

  15. This competition starts at 12:20pm (AEST) 18 February 2017 and ends at 12:20pm (AEST) 4 March 2017. This competition is a game of skill and will be judged accordingly through a vote from the Lysterfield District Trail Riders committee. The entry with the highest unanimous votes will be declared the winner and will be decided by 12:00pm (AEST) 11 March 2017. 

  16. By entering this competition you:

    a. grant the Lysterfield District Trail Rider permission to use your name and likeness for the purpose of organising and/or managing the Competition, for announcing the winner of the Competition and for related promotional purposes;and

    b. acknowledge that, where the Competition is being run on the Facebook site, you are disclosing information to the Lysterfield District Trail Riders and any Competition sponsor(s) and not to Facebook Australia Limited or Facebook, Inc. (together “Facebook”);

    c. accept that all entries will become the property of the Lysterfield District Trail Riders upon receipt and will not be returned. You will retain all rights you have in the copyright and other intellectual property rights comprising the Competition entry but, by entering the Competition, you grant the Lysterfield District Trail Riders and its licensees the right free of charge to republish your Competition entry;

    d. waive any moral rights or similar rights you have in your Competition entry whether such rights arise pursuant to the Copyright, Designs and Patent Act 1988 (the “Act”) or equivalent legislation anywhere in the world; and

    e. warrant to the Lysterfield District Trail Riders that the Competition entry is wholly original to you and not wholly or substantially copied from any other material and that the Competition entry does not defame, cause injury to or invade the privacy of or otherwise infringe or violate any statutory, common law, regulatory or intellectual property rights of any third party.